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How to choose Luxury Modern Bathroom Faucets for Your New Home?


The most critical part of the basin faucet: the cartridge. For the , the cartridge is like the human heart. The quality of the cartridge directly determines the life of the faucet. The number of times we touch the faucet every day is estimated to be at least dozens of times. To make the faucet durable, we must rely on it.

1.To judge the quality of a modern bathroom faucet, a key factor is to look at its valve core. Why? The service life of the faucet and the flow of water are controlled by the pressure control of the faucet cartridge. At present, the best faucet cartridge model on the market is a ceramic cartridge, which is durable, has good sealing performance, will not drip, and has stable performance in all aspects.

2. Electroplating process :The quality of the electroplating process determines the appearance and durability of the faucet. The same texture presented by silver copper chrome plating is completely incomparable to stainless steel. Generally speaking, faucets with standard three-layer electroplating are more durable. So, you choose at least more than three layers. The quality and strength of a faucet manufacturer, then the quality of electroplating is one of the indicators to measure it.

Good electroplating can make the faucet look better, and it can also enhance the wear resistance and wear resistance of the faucet. Excellent faucet products are mainly plated on three layers of semi-bright nickel, bright nickel and chrome layer of refined copper itself. In general, copper plating is to enhance the strength of electroplating, nickel layer is for corrosion resistance, and a layer of chromium is plated on the nickel surface, on the one hand, it improves the hardness, on the other hand, it also improves the brightness. We look sparkling faucets. The national standard requirement is to pass a 24-hour salt spray test. The more high-end products, the longer the salt spray test takes, such as 36 hours and 48 hours, the higher the corresponding level.

3.  Aerator: The aerator  can control the water to flow out more evenly and slowly, rather than rushing out in an instant, especially when the faucet is turned on. Secondly, especially after foaming, the surface of the water in contact with the object is wider, so that water resources can be saved more. The aerator also has a filter to filter sediment and impurities, but its most important role is to fully mix the water and air flowing through it, so that the water flow has the effect of foaming, and the scouring force of the water can be improved, which can save 50%. water consumption.

4. The main material should be selected well, and it is best to choose a faucet with a copper body. Basically, high-end faucets use copper bodies. However, the most common copper material classification is 59 copper, and the slightly lower end is 304 stainless steel. Lead must be added to brass in order to be processed into a faucet, but the use of the faucet will also lead to the precipitation of lead. Low-end faucets use high-impurity copper, which can lead to excessive lead in the water. So we have to look for international standard copper, also known as "59 copper" and "hpb59-1 lead brass". We can call this kind of faucet "lead-free faucet". Generally have "Lead Free" logo certification.

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